I've always loved taking photographs. Still memories you can hold in your hand forever.

Growing up, I learned to take photos on my moms AE1 and find tradition fascinating. Although you can obtain digitals right after a session, I am whole-heartedly a film photographer because of it's history and the timeless and unique experience it gives my clients.

my photography story

why I shoot film

I started shooting my Mom's 35mm film camera in high school and have been in love with the look of it ever since. There's a magic to film that can't be recreated with digital and I strive to give my client's the best look possible on the most special days of their lives.

about me

Hello there! I'm the human behind the camera here. I grew up in Michigan and now live with my two kids, husband, and two dogs. I enjoy local farmer's markets, cooking and and being near the water. My favorite flower is clematis and I always have my camera with me! I'd love to chat with you, so please get in touch. 

favorite things

- The Ocean & Lake Michigan

- Shark Week

- Red wine & Pizza